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We Act Immediately To Protect You From Further IRS Action.

To us, you are not just “another client”, you are not just a number. Your case is personal, and it will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. The time to act is now. As soon as you engage with Omni Tax Help we immediately contact the appropriate taxing authority regarding your situation. We file the necessary request to move you into a safe status which is critical to protecting your assets.

We Take The Time To Research And Understand Your Unique Situation.

 Intervening and ultimately achieving a favorable resolution with a taxing authority on your behalf requires us to truly imagine ourselves in your shoes. What happened, how did it happen, what mitigating circumstances exist and, most importantly, what options do we know are available and have been offered in similar scenarios. Knowing what a taxing authority can do, will do and has done in the past helps us fight to achieve our clients’ best possible outcome.

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Our Approach
Our Approach

We Will Do Our Best To Get You The Best Solution At The Lowest Cost.

We have been assisting individuals and companies just like yours for over 15 years, and nothing replaces experience when it comes to formulating effective strategies for our clients. While many of our competitors confuse activity with progress we measure our performance on how effectively and efficiently we identify which approaches are best for your circumstances and how to best implement for maximum positive results.