Matt Mulligan

Hi, I’m Matt Mulligan. I founded Omni over 25 years ago. I have owned and operated a tax resolution firm since my late twenties. I ended up doing this work after being a client of several lawyers and CPA’s back in the ‘80’s, when I owned a sales company that failed. At that time, I accrued a quarter million-dollar IRS tax liability, and over $100,000 tax liability to the state of CA, inside a corporation I owned in California. Back then, if you had a lien filed against you, local lawyers in suits would mail you a solicitation, you’d call them, go to their office, and hand over a big fee. I paid a very polished gentleman $50,000. He gave a lawyer a small sliver of that, I ended up in Chapter 11 court. That went very bad, converted to a chapter 7, then dismissed. I was assessed and eventually owed around $400k personally to the IRS. I was then sold by another lawyer a chapter 13 bankruptcy, that didn’t work either (I defaulted on the 60-month automatic pay plan, bad strategy from the get-go). Next, I hid, the tax liability grew, eventually, I figured out how to deal with the IRS myself, and I settled out the liability for a small fraction of the original amount.

So I went from owning and running a business in my early twenties that was grossing around $1 million a month, to being broke. So, I went to the LA County courthouse, got a seat at the microfiche reader, spent hours a day looking up tax liens, then I called 411, and started talking to other business owners and individuals that owed the IRS. Soon I was driving 1,000 miles a week around CA, running dozens of appointments with tax debtors a month, selling tax debtors on representation. Next came driving to the IRS to sit with IRS Revenue Officers many times a month, setting up pay plans, abating penalties, submitting and arranging Offers In Comprise(s), etc. I usually target big complicated cases, for they were more of a challenge, and I enjoyed the work.

Eventually, I was at a growth crossroads. I decided to grow the company and begin to train staff in this process. Roll forward more than 25 years, and my companies have subsequently and currently employ hundreds of people doing this work, and we save individuals tens of millions a year in taxes. We have helped many tens of thousands of individuals and businesses, and I hope we get the chance to help you. Give us a call, the chat is free, and begin to sleep at night knowing you’re in ethical, fair, extremely competent hands.


Omni Specialists
General Manager

Michael Batty

Michael Batty is the General Manager for Omni Tax Help. He leads, trains, develops highly qualified tax professionals, and educating clients about their different tax resolution options. He started with the firm as a paraprofessional in 2007 and worked his way up in the company. Throughout his 13 plus years with the company, he has held numerous positions in almost every department. This work experience led to his eventual appointment as the General Manager of the entire firm. He has helped both the Sales and Production Departments break revenue records. He has earned the respect of the people he manages and can honestly tell them, "I have been in your shoes." Michael is a native Florida resident with his loving wife, they are devoted parents to their fur-babies. Michael’s passion outside of the office is turning wrenches working on custom vehicles, he has been an avid car enthusiast for over 20 years.
Omni Specialists
Finance Director

Chrissy Stephens

As Finance Director, Chrissy Stephens is responsible for the financial & accounting well-being of the company. Graduate and lifetime alumni of Florida State University, Bachelor of Science in 2002, Florida Bright Future Scholar 1998-2002, South Trust Scholar 1998, a distinction of FSU Dean’s List. After graduating in 2002, Chrissy managed a highly visible retail chain where she learned corporate structure, strategy, and finance. In 2005 she moved to Vero Beach FL where she continued her career in finance and accounting in Real Estate Investment. Chrissy has been employed by Omni Tax Help since 2007. Chrissy was hired as an Associate in Training (AIT) and was quickly promoted to work with the CPA and special assets division to assist in rebuilding clients accounting records with the use of QuickBooks. In 2008 Chrissy was promoted to Finance Director where she focuses on business finances, solutions, and driving profitable revenue growth. Chrissy is a board member of the Treasure Coast Human Resource Association, member and former board member of the Junior League of Indian River, Member of the United Way, and Indian River Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network. Chrissy has her mastery certification in QuickBooks and is a Notary Public with the State of Florida She loves Puppies, Children, & Coffee
Omni Specialists
Sales General Manager

Brett Tougas

Mr. Tougas is the General Manager with Omni Tax Help as well as its most tenured Tax Analyst. He has been employed with the firm for over 15 years. He specializes in helping business owners and consumers navigate through the treacherous waters of the IRS and State Taxing Authority collection divisions. Through hard work and passionate dedication, he has helped thousands of clients save millions of dollars while simultaneously taking an instrumental role in working alongside new Tax Analysts at the firm. His main focus is to mentor new Analysts and help them better develop and deliver resolution strategies to Omni’s clients. Mr. Tougas earned a Business Management degree from the University of Florida where he graduated at the top of his class with honors and holds a current Florida Real Estate License with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
Omni Specialists
Sales General Manager

Megan Bogner

I have been with Omni Tax Help for over 10 years. Omni Tax Help has helped me grow phenomenally in my career. I started my career here as a Customer Service Agent and after being a successful Agent, I was given the opportunity to become a Sales General Manager. Omni Tax Help has supported me in my development as a leader, and I look forward too many more years in my career with Omni Tax Help.
Omni Specialists
Production General Manager

LaQuanna McDowell, EA

I am a graduate of the University of South Florida and hold three degrees. I am part of a large, tight knit family and enjoy spending time with my family, my friends, and my beautiful rescue dog, Lia. I started working at Omni Tax Help in 2010 as a para professional, became an associate within a year, a Senior Associate within two years, and I am now an Enrolled Agent and Senior Managing Associate. I have handled hundreds of cases and have enjoyed working each one. I view all my clients as my family and I work hard to ensure that they are taken care of, like family. My goal is to ensure that every single individual that I work with has not only a better handling of their tax matters but also a better understanding of taxes, ensuring that their problems are a past issue.
Omni Specialists
Bookkeeping Manager

Pat Towson

I began my bookkeeping career in 1978 working for a family-run material handling business, learning the day to day aspects of all record-keeping and tracking the everyday business transactions. As I have a love for numbers, and as my passion grew, I moved on to a new position as a controller for a private dining club. I became the company’s chief accounting officer and bore responsibility and understanding of preparing financial statements, budgets, taxes, compliance certifications, and special projects. As the Bookkeeping Manager at Omni Tax Help, I enjoy communicating with the clients and guiding our staff to make sure all outcomes are completed according to industry standards and are accurate.


Omni Specialists
Tax Resolution Analyst

Clayton Davis

Hi, my name is Clayton Davis, one of the Senior Tax consultants here at Omni Tax Help. I have been with the company for over 14 years and I am extremely passionate about what we do for our clients. I was originally born in Tampa, Fl and have been in Vero Beach for 14 years. In my early stages of life, I attended military school in 2001, once graduated I worked my way up to become Drill Sargent, as well as the team leader on building up our youth to make positive choices and accomplishing life goals. After that stage of my life, I was a Smoke Jumper in North Carolina and enjoyed saving lives I am a father to an amazing little boy and he pushes me everyday to succeed and strive. Now I have a career at Omni Tax Help, I am able to take my life experiences and utilize it towards our Clients to help pave the way, assist and consult them in restructuring their lives. I hear daily frustrations that my clients go through dealing with the taxing authorities. I really enjoy hearing that sigh of relief after I share what we can do to help.


Omni Specialists
Senior Associate

Mary-Hannah Nestor, E.A.

I started working at Omni Tax Help when I was 20 years old and my first position was as a second chair assistant. Within 6 months I was promoted to a first chair assistant under my current manager, LaQuanna McDowell. I worked as Ms. McDowell’s first chair assistant for three years, learning the business and becoming comfortable with our clients and all that we do. Nearly six years later I am an Associate with over 130 clients and I am an Enrolled Agent with the IRS.