Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Just call one of our experienced tax professionals today for a free consultation. There is no obligation and they will assess your situation. That is all it takes for us let you know what options are available to you and what your best options would be.

How much does tax resolution cost?

We bill for the time we actually work on your case, so the cost can vary depending on your situation. However, our goal is always to give you the best service at the minimum cost, with the most effective solution.

How long does tax resolution take?

That depends on the complexity of your case, but the first thing we do is stop further actions from the IRS or state. A standard time frame is 2 to 4 months. However, every Omni client will get an action plan based on the complexity of their individual circumstances, this will allow us to provide a reasonable time frame for successfully resolving your individual case.

Can you stop the penalties?

We cannot stop the accrual of current penalties, but part of our resolution strategy is determining if you qualify for a Penalty Abatement (Internal Revenue Code Section As the name implies, penalties can be abated if you have “reasonable cause" for late filing and nonpayment of taxes.

What are my options?

That is exactly what we need to find out and so, we need you to call and talk to our experts today! Let us assess your situation and we will be able to tell you what tax relief opportunities you qualify for to get you started on the path to relief.

What if I cannot afford the payments the IRS wants?

In cases such as that, we will work with you to present a financial
analysis to the taxing authorities and establish a payment plan to fit comfortably within your budget by utilizing our experience and