I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. The next step is up to you.

You fell behind with your taxes to the IRS and/or the state. Now they’ve filed a lien, and they want their money. I want to tell you how Omni Tax Help can help — and why I can relate to your situation on a very personal level. WHEN I SAY, “I FEEL YOUR PAIN,” I MEAN IT. More than 30 years ago, I owned a company drowning in tax liability. Ultimately, I paid a high-profile law firm and bought a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. After six months in the courts, the company failed, the lawyers were gone, and I was personally assessed over $250,000 in IRS taxes alone. To put it simply, I was down and out. Through my own painful experience, I learned a lot about settling tax liabilitys. Therefore, slowly but surely, I built a successful tax representation business, driving hundreds of miles each week to assist clients with installment agreements, penalty abatements, and other tax settlement products. Omni Tax Help was born.

Matt Mulligan

A Smarter Way To Solve Tax Problems

As Omni Tax Help grew, my associates and I developed standardized products that streamlined the tax resolution process, saving our clients both time and money. We also developed the skill of administering our tax services over the phone. This continues to save our clients the considerable expense of travel time. We learned that the Tax Man doesn’t want to see you — or us. He simply wants a solution.

Take The Next Step Today…
Because You Cannot Afford To Wait.

Tax liens are like time-bombs: the longer you wait, the greater the risk for disaster. The time to take action is now. I am confident that we will earn your respect, just as we have for over 20,000 satisfied clients and around 100 new clients each month. We will handle your case with confidentiality, empathy, thoroughness, and efficiency. When you choose Omni Tax Help, you can rest easy knowing you made the smart choice.

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