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As one of the pioneering companies in the tax resolution business, we not only know what your options are, but we know how best to achieve your goals. From arranging an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, and numerous other reasonable resolution strategies, we know what your rights are and how to make sure your interests are protected.

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To us, you are not just “another client", you are not just a number. Your case is personal, and it will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

We Act Immediately

We Act Immediately

The time to act is now. As soon as you engage with Omni Tax Help we immediately contact the appropriate taxing authority regarding...

We Do The Research

We Do The Research

Achieving a favorable resolution with a taxing authority on your behalf requires us to truly imagine ourselves...

We Do Precise Work

We Do Precise Work

We have been assisting individuals and companies just like yours for over 15 years, and nothing replaces experience...


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    We pride ourselves on the relationships that we build and the services that we provide. Our clients feel the same.

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    As Omni Tax Help grew, my associates and I developed standardized products that streamlined the tax resolution process, saving our clients both time and money. We also developed the skill of administering our tax services over the phone. This continues to save our clients the considerable expense of travel time. We learned that the Tax Man doesn’t want to see you — or us. He simply wants a solution.

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    Our Tax Resolution Specialists Are The Best in The Business

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    We are one of the pioneering campanies in the tax resolution business

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    Can You Have Two Installment Agreements With The IRS?

    When you discover yourself in a tax situation with the Internal Revenue Service the first notice you will receive is…

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    Don’t forget to pay income tax on your unemployment benefits

    Don’t forget to pay income tax on your unemployment benefits

    As a consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic, more than 25 million Americans have been collecting Unemployment Benefits. For numerous individuals…

    Am I able to settle my liability with the State Taxing Authorities?

    Am I able to settle my liability with the State Taxing Authorities?

    When a Federal or state tax liability is present, there are many options in which you can resolve your account…