OMNI PROFESSIONALS will help you understand our four most common tax resolution products. These products are designed to flow smoothly through the bureaucracy of the IRS and state taxing authorities, and have continually been proven successful. 


1. Formal IRS Pay Plan (IRS Form 433D)

The IRS will, and does, grant affordable monthly payment plans; Omni can successfully negotiate a payment plan to fit comfortably within your budget.

2. IRS Penalty Abatement Due to Reasonable Cause Criteria

(Internal Revenue Code Section 
As the name implies, penalties can be abated if you have "reasonable cause" for non-payment of taxes. In recent years, the IRS abated 42% of penalties assessed. There are seven "reasonable cause" categories you may qualify for.

3. Offer in Compromise (IRS Form 656)

This is an IRS-devised program whereby the IRS will often settle tax debt for less than the full amount owed.

4. Real Estate Lending

Omni has presented hundreds of loans to an evolving list of prime and sub-prime lenders. If you have equity in real estate, the IRS will expect you to seek financing.

Your Omni tax professional can help you determine which tax-resolution product is your best strategy. Call today! Ignoring the problem is not a successful strategy


  • Seize your personal bank accounts without court order
  • Make legally binding tax assessments, and enforce them, without court order
  • Seize assets such as your retirement accounts, insurance policies, even your home
  • Invade your business and seize its equipment and other assets


  • The number of levies issued in 2011 topped 3.7 million, a 192% increase from 2002
  • IRS property seizures increased over 162% from 2002
  • In the past 10 years, the number of IRS lien filings have increased over 116%
  • The IRS employee assigned to your case is not your advocate. His sole purpose is to collect monies, if deemed necessary, via private collection agencies, property seizures, levies, and/or liens.

YOUR TAX PROBLEMS WILL NOT GO AWAY and will likely escalate, along with your financial and emotional stress.

Call Omni Financial today to take the critical step toward a successful tax resolution.